Charitable Cause Art

We are proud to be working with a few close charitable groups to support their efforts for the community, education, and those with unmet needs. Please get in touch.

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Custom Skate Deck & Wood Panel Art

Cream Co is hand-painted, decorated, oddball, mystical, and luxury skateboard deck art, as well as traditional painted panel art, leather goods, and more.

All crafted one piece at a time by Luke Dorny, in his little studio shop called Cream Co west of Seattle, Washington.


Previous art and projects that are now sold. Get in touch if you'd like a similar piece. is a website about design by Luke Dorny

Original deck art?

Why is Luke painting skateboard decks?

A career designer and artist, Luke shares his inspiration with articles, design research, and typography love.

From album art, music, interfaces, and design thinking, to car, electronics, and skateboard design, there's a bit to read.
  • Charity Water clean water well world foundation

    Several artworks support clean water supply and well creation around the world.

  • Movember Cancer and Mental health charity

    Several artworks support cancer and mental health research.

  • Surfrider Foundation clean water and beaches no plastics foundation charity

    Every artwork sold contributes at least 5% to clean water and fighting plastics.

  • Arbor Day Foundation tree charity

    Every artwork sold plants 1 native tree. 🌴🌳🌲

    Some plant as much as 500 trees.