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About Cream

Cream is an independent analog design unit, formed in 2016. It serves as the creative outlet of Luke Dorny, actively building, creating, designing, and developing various pursuits.

Why “Cream”? In the ‘90s Luke started snowboarding and surfing. Carving a fresh mountain of powder with a snowboard was similar to spreading butter on bread. Butter Label was an apt name for applying design to the world and became the name of his first design agency. After an interim, a new entity was needed for design. The name Cream arose as the clear winner and seemed like a related and fitting approach, and describes the enjoyment in designing all the things that make life enjoyable. So Cream it is.

Luke has recently been using alcohol-based graphic markers, but has had experience using rubylith, photolettering and Letraset in the dark room for layouts, and sufficient amounts of plastisol and other paints over the years. Computer aided drafting and electro-mechanical engineering sharpened his eye. Soon Apple’s System 1.0 cleared a stronger path to digital design with FatBits. These earlier various analog and digital mediums, along with his love for arcades, skateboarding and surfing, continually inform his design and graphical style.

Through leatherwork and woodwork, he has expanded his use of physical materials and has included copper, walnut, cedar, wool, leather, porcelain, and stainless steel.

Cream delivers art and design. All wrapped up.


 About Cream


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