Skate Deck Art Hanging Hardware

We ship the custom, hand-made, walnut wood deck hanger with each board we make. Mt. Skate's special hanging method allows the deck to float off the wall, and can prevent any damage from marring your board.

We teamed up with Mt. Skate because we'd rather people have an all-included and non-plastic way of mounting artwork to their walls.

What is not included is the screw needed to attach the mount to your wall. Either a sheetrock screw or a long wood screw into a 2x4 stud should work. Sometimes you'll need a reinforced sheetrock grommet. That's up to you.

If you choose to hang the board horizontally, you'll need two of these kits. They're reasonably priced and you can find their product on MtSkate's page on Etsy.

We paid full price for these because we love the product design and we're proud to be offering these with each deck purchase.Deck Hanging Hardware

Thanks, Mt. Skate!

Deck Hanging Hardware

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