Skate Deck Art Hanging Hardware


Mt Skate walnut skateboard mount included with each deck.

We ship the custom, hand-made, walnut wood deck hanger with each board we make. Mt. Skate's special hanging method allows the deck to float off the wall, and can prevent any damage from marring your board.

We teamed up with Mt. Skate because we'd rather people have an all-included and non-plastic way of mounting artwork to their walls.


  • 1x tung-oil-soaked walnut wood base
  • 2x lock nuts
  • 2x threaded countersunk bolts
  • 2x nuts for stiffness


This kit does not include the screw/nail/mechanics for actually connecting this kit to your wall. Why? It depends if you're mounting on brick, drywall, marble, metal, or other surface. Use the appropriate connection method for your surface.


If you choose to hang the board horizontally, you'll need two of these kits. They're reasonably priced and you can find their product on MtSkate's page on Etsy.

We paid full price for these because we love the product design and we're proud to be offering these with each deck purchase.

FYI: The version of this hanger we ship is one that we have soaked in all natural tung oil for protection, and preserving the color of the wood.

Thanks, Mt. Skate!

Charitable Cause Art

We are proud to be working with a few close charitable groups to support their efforts for the community, education, and those with unmet needs. Please get in touch.