Occasionally adding order to chaos

Well, not exactly. But the idea of the space between them is an interesting space.

Sometimes our minds go down a rabbit hole of possibilities. Tinkering with materials, fabrics, platforms, electronics, (and more!) can yield unexpected results that can be wrapped together into a broad 'exploration' of art, expression, and the unknown, really.

Here are some things we've been exploring:

Sandy the bus painted on a skateboard deck by Luke Dorny
Sandy the bus painting on a skateboard deck by Luke Dorny
Painting surface for Luke Dorny at Cream Co

Tung Oil coated skateboard deck by Luke Dorny
Custom leather wrist wrests for Cream Co by Luke Dorny

Skateboard deck on leather painted by Luke Dorny
Tidal skateboard beach deck painted by Luke Dorny

Cubic Bee, Tidal, and Sandy the bus skate decks by Luke Dorny for Cream Co
Portal, Lore, and Planted decks from the Debut Series of art boards available in the shop.